Why Choose East Memphis Surgery Center?

East Memphis Surgery Center offers patients many advantages – especially when compared with a traditional hospital setting.


Accredited by the Joint Commission, East Memphis Surgery Center participates in a number of ongoing quality and patient safety initiatives. The facility enjoys an excellent reputation among patients and physicians, consistently earning high rankings in patient satisfaction surveys.



Because East Memphis Surgery Center is dedicated to outpatient surgery, we are able to avoid many of the delays patients often experience in a hospital setting. By streamlining many administrative processes, patients spend less time waiting. From on-site parking to advance registration, patients enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a smaller environment. Physicians also enjoy block scheduling, allowing reduced turnaround time between surgeries.



Our facility is designed with patient comfort in mind. Because the facility is not located in a busy hospital setting, patients enjoy a more soothing, stress-free environment. This allows our staff to focus exclusively on making your outpatient surgery experience a positive one.



Outpatient surgery centers like East Memphis are more cost effective than full-service hospitals. Because of our lower overhead costs, patients can expect significant savings compared with the cost of surgery at a local hospital. In addition to containing healthcare costs, this provides lower out-of-pocket costs to patients.